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We have had a great afternoon of cooperative learning in house teams.  The pupils were tasked to share some holiday news and then come up with individual and some school based resolutions – all using positive language.  I will……. or we will ………

Once we have the list of school resolutions we will share them with you.  I wonder how we will monitor these?  I think our Pupil Council may have some good ideas to help us all stick to them.

There was some really good, attentive listening going on in the hall.  It is not easy when there are over 100 children all in one space!  I am always encouraged at how well our pupils support each other.

Co-operative Learning

On the first day of term, 26th October, we had a whole school co-operative learning session.  There were over 100 children in the hall working in co-operative groups from their house teams.  The subject this time was bullying.  Each person had to think up a different type of bullying and share it – by throwing paper snowballs!  Great fun was had by all and most of the children in the school think bullying is hitting, kicking and punching.  Other types were mentioned too.  In the coming months we will be working together to stop bullying of any kind at Dunrossness School.