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Leavers’ Assembly

Primary6/7 performed their Leavers’ assembly so well today and we had a super afternoon listening to and watching all the performances and videos. Well done to the P6s too.

P7s you will be missed, what a lovely bunch of young folk you are!


Don’t Go!

You have to leave but before you do,

We’d like to share this poem with you.


We’ve been together for many years,

We hope this doesn’t make you burst into tears!


So this is a poem all about you,

And we wish you good luck in whatever you do!


Lauren has always been a little bit crazy,

But when it comes to work, she is never lazy.


Swimming is just the thing for Ella,

And she swims like a speedy propeller.


Reece is an amazing athletics ace,

And in football he has so much pace.


Logan has a great imagination,

And in the STEM project we loved his creation.


At SMUHA Calum the Jarl was a great guiser,

Since P1 he has been getting wiser and wiser.


Ben has always got his nose in a book,

He loves Minecraft and is a really good cook.


Victoria has ginger hair, so bright it’s like a flare,

When she plays netball, she’s always so fair.


Kyle is brave and fearless,

But watch out, sometimes he can be a bit careless!


Shaina loves her technology and her dares,

But when it comes to dogs, she always cares.


At first glance Layla is quite quiet,

But when it comes to it she can cause a riot!


Luke loves Celtic and on his football he’s very keen,

He also loves jumping on the trampoline.


Rachel is always doing origami on the bus,

But in class she works hard and never makes a fuss.


John Magnus seems like he’s got springs in his feet,

And his drawings of cars are really quite neat.


You’re all older now and ready to fly away,

Let’s hope in your hearts we’ll always stay.


It’s been so much fun, we really don’t want to say goodbye,

It’s going to be hard for us all not to cry!


By Primary 6


Wider Achievement Afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon visiting Sumburgh Head. We used our new binoculars and bird book and went to see what birds were there.

We saw lots of guillemots back on the rocks in their colonies, and lots of maalies (fulmars), some gannets and kittiwakes and a small flock of twite, feeding outside the RSPB office.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we could hear all the seabirds calling away.

Thank you 😊 Ness Engineering

The Eco Committee has sent letters to several businesses in Shetland to get sponsorship or help with developing our wildlife projects. Fiona, Victoria and Molly  sent a letter last week to Ness Engineering, asking for help towards buying some binoculars, so that we can have a class set. We were really pleased and surprised today to receive two pairs of binoculars – thank you very much for your generosity, they will be well used.

Terrific Scientific

This afternoon Primary 6/7 took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific. We were trying to find out who in the class are tasters, non tasters or super tasters. To do this we had to carry out an investigation  👩‍🔬 to count the number of fungiform papillae ( the pink bumps) on our tongues. These contain taste receptors , which enable you to taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami flavours. In the general population 25% are non tasters, 50% are tasters and 25% are super tasters.

We carried out a fair test and found that are results were very similar with 27% non tasters, 50% tasters and 23% super tasters. Ms Scanlan uploaded these results onto a national database and on Tuesday we’ll find out what the national results of the test are.

Despite lots of very blue tongues 👅 We all had a lot of fun.

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