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Primary 7 Enterprise afternoon

This Friday, 11th June, Primary 7 are having an enterprise afternoon.

We have split into four groups , the Ricky Rockers, Squishtoons, Cute Kraftz and Atlantis and have made lots of different items for sale. They range in price from 10p to £2. The details will be emailed out to all parents.

We are hoping to hold the sale outside the old Pool room, so we hope the weather is good!

Each class will be coming at a different time

P1/2 1.30
P2/3 1.50
P4/5 2.10
P5/6 2.30

Please look at the photos below to see what we will be selling.

6th Eco-Schools Green Flag

This week we received official notification that we have gained our latest Green Flag from the Eco-Schools scheme. We started in 2005 and are continuing to work on all the ten topics, looking at Litter and two different topics every 2 years. There are 6 Eco-Schools in Shetland.

Our assessor said the following :

‘The feedback is all good and I have no suggestions to make as you have done a fabulous job!You are doing a brilliant job in promoting all the initiatives and making sure the whole school knows how to can be involved. It is great that parents and carers are also involved and I love the idea of Focus Friday, where you bring together mixed age groups to discuss your activities.  I was delighted to read about your links with your partner School in Kenya. What a great way to learn about environmental issues and to understand about climate change and sustainability. I was impressed by the Primary 6/7 pupils who were so moved to action during their rainforest project that they decided to grow plants to sell and make money for a rainforest conservation organisation. Thank you so much for all your litter campaigning. Litter is such a problem for the environment, particularly in coastal areas and it was great to read about the pupils taking part with other members of the community in Shetland’s Voar Redd Up. Well done also for keeping litter to a minimum in the School and for encouraging pupils to collect biodegradable snack food in bio bins and then adding them to the compost heap. It was also great to read that pupils have been learning about food choices, food production, the environmental implications of our food choices and the diversity of food cultures.’

Our next two topics are Waste Minimisation and Health and wellbeing and on Friday, the whole school will be working together to plan what we are going to do. Watch this space…

Radio Scotland

Just to let you all know that BBC Radio Scotland’s Out for the Weekend programme will have a short Redd Up piece featuring the Dunrossness bairns, likely to feature in today’s show, Friday 4th May at 2pm.  They are using the material Daniel recorded for Radio Shetland.

The programme will be available to listen again via the link below for one month after transmission:


Voar Redd Up

On Thursday 26th April, all the children from Primary 1-7 took part in Voar Redd Up, our spring litter pick. Earlier in the year some winter storms had thrown lots of marine litter into Boddam Voe and we were keen to try to clear as much plastic as possible. We were also joined by lots of members of the local community.

Everyone worked very hard and we made a big impact on the amount of rubbish.

All finished for the afternoon. The beach is looking a lot better.

Connecting Classrooms with Lomayana Primary School

All the children in the school have been preparing photos and letters and messages to share with Lomayana School in Baringo County, Kenya . Ms Scanlan leaves on Friday evening and will arrive at Lomayana School with Joy Duncan on Monday. Jeremiah Lebene, their Deputy Head Teacher has organised lots of activities in school and the local community and everyone is looking forward to our partnership.

The Woodland Trust Trees have Arrived!

In May this year Ms Scanlan and the Eco Committee applied to the Woodland Trust for lots of different types of trees for our school grounds. We have been given over 400, ready to plant in the spring. There are several different species and luckily we have an identification guide, so that we can work out which species they are!

We had fun unpacking them all and in the spring everyone will have a chance to plant a few. Hopefully they will grow as well as the woodland that we planted a few years ago.

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