Week 5

Morning everyone.  I apologise for the lack of blogging!  I can’t quite believe we are heading in to week 5 already.

I would like to pass on a compliment we received from a parent regarding the behaviour of our P5-7 class whilst on a visit to Sandwick School.  He said everyone was very well behaved.  It is nice to hear that the children represent the school so well.

Can I ask that children do not bring putty or blu tac etc to school.  This often ends up in the carpets!


Mrs Wells has her development day today instead of Wednesday and Miss Budge will be teaching P5/6.

Bikeability for P6 will be on in the morning for P6/7 and afternoon for P5/6.

P5/6 have Spanish with Mr Harpe.

I am out in the morning at Hayfield House, as part of an interview panel.

Marion Sutherland and Emma Graydon will be in NOOSC.  Remember we need 24 hours notice of bookings as we are reliant on relief staff and they require notice.


I am out again, this time it is a Head Teachers’ Development Day.  There are 4 of these meetings across the year where we get a chance to hear information about local and national initiatives in education.  It is also a great chance to spend time with other head teachers across the Shetland school.s

Mrs Wells has development training in the morning and Mrs Hay will be in P5/6.

We welcome friends and family of P4/5 to join their children for family lunch.  The forms were returned last week, so if you are attending please see Jackie in the office to pay for lunch if you haven’t done so already.  I believe it is roast chicken on the menu.


We have a visit from Finlay Mackenzie from Blythswood Care to talk to everyone about the Shoe Box Appeal.  We took part in this last year and will be a collection point again this year for anyone wishing to fill a shoe box.

Mr Rose is visiting P6/7 as part of their interdisciplinary learning .

The South Mainland Learning Partnership meet in the staffroom at 2.30pm.  This is to discuss the successful history walk and also how we can develop this community partnership.  We would really like to work more with the community.  It is coming up the the 50th birthday of the school so we will be planning some events in the lead up to that.

Marion and Emma will be working in NOOSC .


Mr Rose visits P4/5 in the afternoon as part of their interdisciplinary learning.

Marion and Emma are in NOOSC


P2/3 and P4/5 have swimming in the morning.

Alasdair Macpherson is delivering our assembly this week.  This is a change from the original rota you received.  He and Al Weir have swapped a day.  Al Weir will come and see us on the 5th October instead.


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