Week 8

Let’s hope the mist blows away so we can have a fine week of weather next week.


We have the following pupils representing the South Mainland Schools at the County Sports:  Ciaran, Jacob, Ayla, Archie, Lily-Jane, Cameron and Lewis.  We wish them all the very best in their events and look forward to hearing how they’ve got on.  I will update you.

We also have Scottish Opera, the P5 and P6 pupils are in Sandwick all day, rehearsing in the morning for the performance at 2pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend the performance of ‘Dragon of the Western Sea.’   The rest of the school will be attending the performance.

Mrs Graydon is leading a Bookbug session in the library at 10am.

While the P5s are away Ms Izzy Swanson is coming to do some drama with the P4s.

P7 are out on a John Muir Day.


P1/2 go to Boddam Voe with Harry Rose as part of their topic work.

We have a meeting at 6.30pm for the parents of our new P1 class.


History Walk day!  We are really looking forward to hosting a History Walk around the Boddam Loop.  It should be a great morning with lots of members of the community coming together to share knowledge and stories about the area around the school.  We will have some items on show in the school too.

Mrs Leslie and Mrs Smith are missing this event as they are in Aberdeen for a  Northern Alliance Literacy meeting.

I am going to the Screenplay launch in the evening to see an introduction to the films on offer and possibly book some trips for our classes next session.


Mrs Inkster is away and Mrs Tait will be covering her class.  P2/3 are off to the Pool of Virkie on a trip with Mr Rose.

Mrs Wishart is covering P5/6 today.  Mr Rose is with the class in the afternoon.

The pre-school class are going to spend some time in their new classroom with Mrs B Smith.  I will take the current P1/2s for a health and well being session.


Mrs Inkster is still away and Mrs Tait is in P2/3.  Mrs Wishart is in P1/2.  We are very lucky to have such lovely supply teachers to come and work in our school!

As music has moved to Thursdays, we have our celebration assembly on Friday this week.  We would love to hear about celebrations from home.

This will be my last day in school until Monday 18th June as I am away in Loch Insh the following week with P7.

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