Flying High With Reading

As part of our learning this term, we have Wider Achievement afternoons each Thursday.  There are lots of activities that we can choose to do, and one option was to create our entry to this competition. There were 9 pupils in the group and we started by speaking about what we would like in our display, how we could reflect the uniqueness of our school and how we champion reading at Dunrossness.

We then looked at how to blend ideas from everyone in the group, so we brought together a rocket, a hot-air balloon, a bee, a puffin, our school logo, a rainbow, some catchy slogans, the fact that we have a reading cloud in school to log our love of reading and of course we wanted books in the display too!

We also decided to run a competition to involve the whole school, from Nursery to primary 7. We asked everyone to draw their favourite character from a book; we then picked a winner from each class. Each of the winning characters are also part of the display. We have made each and every entry into a book that is available in our school library for everyone to look at, and perhaps get some inspiration of a new book to read.

We want to share our love of books with everyone, so this afternoon, Gary Cape came down to the school to speak to us we will hopefully be in the paper on Friday!


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