Wider Achievement

Our first Wider Achievement session was very successful yesterday.  We had 9 activities on offer.   The children got to opt in to the activities they wanted to do.  Not everyone managed to get their first choice but they all seemed happy in their various groups.

We are focusing on building skills and forming positive relationships across all ages in the school.

Our activities this term are:

Creative Adventures – this is a multi generational project led by Alice Mullay and Laura Whittal.

Shetland Music and Dance – Ms Scanlan and Joy Duncan are leading this activity.   They plan to film some of these sessions and they will share this with our partner school in Kenya when they visit there next month.

Cross Stitch – Mrs Moar is leading this session with help from Mrs Tregonning.

Mystery of the Golden Stars – This is a book study that introduces children to the European Union in a child friendly way.  There are mysteries and puzzles to solve along the way.  Ms Henderson is leading this activity.

Board Games – Mrs Hay leads this activity.

Flying High with Reading – Mrs Leslie is leading this group.  During these sessions the group will look at the ways in which we promote reading in the school and make a display to show this.  This will form the entry for a competition run by World Book Day.  We could win up to £5000 of books for our library!

Lego Animations – Mrs Graydon is working with a group to create with Lego and make mini animations using the ipads.

Toys – Mr Rose is working with pupils from P1-4 to make toys using everyday materials.

Cooking and Baking – John is working with this group which was very popular!  This week I believe there were waffles and pancakes cooked and enjoyed.

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For P6 Euroquizzers!  The most successful teams include pupils who are motivated to research at home!

This is an interactive quiz map of Europe – member states only.


There are lots of map quizzes on this site.  For the Euroquiz you also need to know neighbouring countires, capital cities, flags, landmarks and much more!


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