JRSO assembly and winter road safety

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) and PC Chris Hardwick led an assembly on winter road safety.  Their key messages were:

  • Wear bright clothes
  • Wear a high vis vest, reflectors or armbands
  • Use a torch to help you see where you are going and this makes it easier for cars to see you
  • Wear warm clothing
  • Walk on the right side of the road
  • If you are riding a bicycle make sure you have lights

PC Hardwick made sure that everyone had understood by asking questions.  Some lucky pupils won a torch as a prize.  Everyone got a pencil for listening so well.  We also had a visit from Abby and Isla from Specsavers who gave out some high vis vests.






It was also National Kindness Day!  Mr Peter Haviland was visiting and he gave Ms Henderson a sweet he had been given at the airport to celebrate National Kindness Day and she decided to pay this forward by giving it to the person sitting in row 7, seat 8!  

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