Terrific Scientific

This afternoon Primary 6/7 took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific. We were trying to find out who in the class are tasters, non tasters or super tasters. To do this we had to carry out an investigation  👩‍🔬 to count the number of fungiform papillae ( the pink bumps) on our tongues. These contain taste receptors , which enable you to taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami flavours. In the general population 25% are non tasters, 50% are tasters and 25% are super tasters.

We carried out a fair test and found that are results were very similar with 27% non tasters, 50% tasters and 23% super tasters. Ms Scanlan uploaded these results onto a national database and on Tuesday we’ll find out what the national results of the test are.

Despite lots of very blue tongues 👅 We all had a lot of fun.

img_1291 img_1292 img_1293 img_1294 img_1295 img_1296 img_1297 img_1298 img_1299 img_1300 img_1301

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