Terrific Scientific

This afternoon Primary 6/7 took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific. We were trying to find out who in the class are tasters, non tasters or super tasters. To do this we had to carry out an investigation  👩‍🔬 to count the number of fungiform papillae ( the pink bumps) on our tongues. These contain taste receptors , which enable you to taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami flavours. In the general population 25% are non tasters, 50% are tasters and 25% are super tasters.

We carried out a fair test and found that are results were very similar with 27% non tasters, 50% tasters and 23% super tasters. Ms Scanlan uploaded these results onto a national database and on Tuesday we’ll find out what the national results of the test are.

Despite lots of very blue tongues 👅 We all had a lot of fun.

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Dunrossness Nursery – Proposed Pilot Project

As the Scottish Government’s introduction of 1140 hours of childcare is to be introduced by 2020, Dunrossness Nursery is taking part in a pilot project to look at one option as to how this may be provided.

There will be a meeting on the 24th January 2017 at 6pm in Dunrossness School to discuss the pilot project proposed for our Nursery for the session 2017/18.

We are really keen to discuss the proposals with parents of our current 3 year old group and children eligible to register in February this year.

Please pass this on to anyone in the catchment area to whom this is relevant.

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.


We have had a great afternoon of cooperative learning in house teams.  The pupils were tasked to share some holiday news and then come up with individual and some school based resolutions – all using positive language.  I will……. or we will ………

Once we have the list of school resolutions we will share them with you.  I wonder how we will monitor these?  I think our Pupil Council may have some good ideas to help us all stick to them.

There was some really good, attentive listening going on in the hall.  It is not easy when there are over 100 children all in one space!  I am always encouraged at how well our pupils support each other.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely festive break and are now ready to re-enter the real world!

We are looking forward to the ‘hard work’ term in school.  There are lots of things going on!

Joy Duncan is visiting on Wednesdays to do some drumming instruction.

We have our wider achievement groups planned on Thursday afternoons.  Parents are most welcome to come in and see what is going on or offer some help in the classes.

The SSPCA are visiting this week to do a whole school assembly and then some follow up workshops with P4-7.

Harry Rose will be working in P2/3 on their topic on Monday mornings.

We are all looking forward to SMUHA again this year on the 10th March.

I am sure more events will crop up – as they always do.  We will keep the events calendar on the blog up to date as well as informing you in the usual manner.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at school with any questions, queries or concerns.