Action Day Finished

imageimageimageWe have all worked so hard and are really pleased with what we have achieved. A huge thank you goes out to Karen Mackelvie, the RSPB, the Amenity Trust, our parent helpers and John! We have made a great start to our outdoor area.

3 thoughts on “Action Day Finished”

  1. What a lot of work! Thank you to everyone for coming and working so hard on this project. It is SO good to see the new improved Play Area get off to a great start.

    Well done!

  2. It was great to see all the children working so hard today. I think that it looks fab. It will be super to see the children using this as it offers so many learning opportunities. Well done to all the children and parent volunteers!

  3. I love the style into the nature garden. It looks as though it would be at home in ‘Hobbiton!’

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