Successful Swimmers

Michaela and Molly from P5 competed in their first swimming competition outwith Shetland at the Inverness Graded meet on 23 April. There were about 40 swimmers from Shetland competing at the event!

They each swam five events – 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly, 100m individual medley, 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke. Both lasses achieved personal beats in most of the strokes!

Overall they’d say the trip was brilliant and they can’t wait to compete south again! Their coach was very pleased with their efforts, and in turn, their results.

The new playground logs have arrived!

This afternoon Grant helped to unload the logs for our new play areas. “We are looking forward to doing the project, we’re going to use these as stepping stones and we are going to cut some of the logs up as coins to sit on and play games with,” explained Grant. Thank you to the Amenity Trust for their help.





Voar Redd Up

The primary classes had a lovely afternoon at the Voe clearing up all the litter. Although it was good to see that there was less litter than in previous years, there was still plenty to collect. Well done everyone!












Young Fiddler

We would like to congratulate Emily and Victoria on their success at this year’s Young Fiddler of the Year.


Emily won the Junior section of the young fiddler.  We were treated to her performing, ‘Spencies Trip to Edinburgh,’ this morning during our celebration assembly.

Victoria also entertained us with her fabulous composition, ‘Cumliewick Couple,’ inspired by her neighbours Morris and Beryl Smith.  This march won the prize for the junior composition.

Very well done lasses – we are extremely proud of you.

We are also very proud of our fiddle teacher here at Dunrossness.  Her pupils did her proud in this year’s event.  We truly appreciate all her hard work and dedication.

Redd Up

It’s a fine day for ‘redding up!’

We will be leaving school at 1.45pm approximately and heading down to the shore at Boddam.

Please feel free to join us – plenty of bruck for us to gadder!


We have started our 5 minute runs on a Monday and Wednesday.  On a Friday afternoon the whole primary will be going for a walk around the school loop from 2.30pm.  We want to encourage all our pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy being outdoors.  If anyone would like to join us on our Friday walks, you would be most welcome.