Well done to all the galley builders in P1/2.  Thank you very much to Guizer Jarl Scott Lobban for coming in to choose three galleys which stood out to him.  He thought they were all brilliant but these 3 were extra special.




Olenguruone, Kenya

Four Crofting Connections schools have been awarded funding by the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms to host exchange teacher visits with four Kenyan schools, using food growing in the school gardens as a starting point for learning about local food production and for delivering Learning for Sustainability and Global Citizenship. Both projects recognise the need to retain population in remote rural areas, by helping pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills required to live and work in their own communities.
The project aims to establish connections between Crofting Connections schools and NECOFA Kenya schools in order to increase understanding among Scottish and Kenyan pupils, teachers and the wider community of global citizenship, sustainable development, international education and education for citizenship.

In June 2015 Agnes Salim and Nancy Kirui came to visit Shetland and in September / October Gina Scanlan went on the return visit to Kenya.IMG_8960 Justus, Samwell, Nancy, Ruttoh HT and teachers, school garden sm

IMG_8952 Olenguruone school garden sm

IMG_8944 Gina Teaching in Olenguruone sm

IMG_8850 School Garden Mark Mara school sm

IMG_8841 Class 8 view sm

IMG_8760 Necofa Office Samwel, Claire & I

Justus Ruttoh and Agnes Salim who visited Shetland in June 2015
Justus Ruttoh and Agnes Salim who visited Shetland in June 2015


Wow!  So far our Readathon has raised £1182.54!  There is some more to come in so I will let you know the full total after the holidays.

Thanks to all our pupils for taking part and for friends and family for their encouragement and sponsors.

This money will help to buy new books for the reading scheme and library.

Thank you again,

Ms A Henderson

Thank You!

It was great to see so many parents/carers in for Parents’ Evenings.

Thank you very much to those of you who have filled out the questionnaires.  There is still time to complete them and bring them back into school.  Your views are important to us.

Ms A Henderson

Self Evaluation


To inform our School Improvement Plan for session 2016/2017 we are looking for views of all our stakeholders.

There is a questionnaire for all parents to fill in.  If you have time at Parents’ Evening you can post completed questionnaires in the post box.  If you are short on time, please take them home and return by this Friday, 25th March.

I would also welcome any suggestions and feedback.

Thank You

Ms A Henderson


Reminder – the readathon officially ends on the 24th March.  I would like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone for taking part.  I hope this will have inspired our pupils to become more regular readers.  Reading has a huge impact on ALL areas of learning – the more you read the better!

Could all sponsor money be handed in by Friday 25th March.  Please see a selection of the reading books that the money will be put towards.

Thank you

Mrs Henderson