Week 6 PE Challenge – Create your own Obstacle Course

Enjoy a small video of how you can create your own obstacle course in your garden as shown by Owen McClelland (P12)  and Innes Watson (P23). These 2 videoed their work and emailed to me on gw08smithjoan@glow.shetland.sch.uk      These are super- well done.




You are all doing a great job keeping fit and healthy. Thank you for trying the PE challenges and keep letting me know what challenge you would like to see for future weeks. I like you to take the lead. For next week’s PE, I will need you to find and keep a cardboard box to  create a basket. For week 11 and week 12’s, I am hoping to hold a virtual Family South Mainland Fun Mini Olympics. I am hoping to reward everyone who takes part in this event, with a lockdown certificate for your effort. (These will be handed out when it is safe to do so.) There will also be a certificate for the best picnic laid on by a child and also a certificate for greatest family participation.

2 thoughts on “Week 6 PE Challenge – Create your own Obstacle Course”

  1. This is so lovely to see! One peerie happy boy to see him + his friend enjoying their obstacle courses! Thank you Mrs Smith for sharing

    1. Thank you Gemma. On hind sight, I should have got the videos landscape rather than portrait! Hay ho that’s for another day.

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