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Week 4 day 3

Today we finished doing lolly pop Santa men and snow men .We made marsh pops it’s marshmallows on sticks and we made chocolate crispies. This week it is the big sale so we were making as much as we can. We have got Christmas tags, Christmas cards, bunting, lolly pop Santas and snow men, felt balls and felt trees.

this morning we found out that we did not have a enough marshmallows.

Selling-Sensations-Week 4

Today we have been finishing off bits to sell on Friday. We have so far today we have finished: Reindeer dust, tags for reindeer dust, lolly-pop stick puppets, signs and salt dough.

Week Four Day Two

Today Mia, Honor and I did reindeer glitter and Rosie, Hannah, Sofia, Melissa and Abby did lolly pop stick puppets. We had great fun doing the reindeer glitter because we got to get all the oats and the glitter and mix them together. Looks like the other part of the team had lots of fun as well as us. There was three different colours of glitter, there was green, silver and red. We used up all of the porridge oats. Tomorrow are team needs to finish the lolly pop, finish the tags and I am bringing the chocolate lollies that she made.

Mount Rainbow Week 4

Today we split in to groups of two. Me and Neil, Leah and Sonia, Bradley and Emer. Me and Neil set off  to make tags. Leah and Sonia went to make cards and Bradley and Emer went to make lollypop stick  snowmen and santas.  The Christmas cards and tags are finished and the santa and snowmen are almost done . Tommorow we need to tie the ribbon  on the tag bags and check that all bags have ten tags. We also need to finishe and price our lollypop stick men we also need to find out prices for our trees , felt balls and our marshmallow sweeties.

Mount Rainbow Week 3

We had a selling day. We had to think of prices for our Christmas cards and tags. We had to make it look intersting for people to buy. We got bags and we had to think how many Christmas cards do we need in a bag. We got ribbon to tie up the bags to make it look smart. We had to count how many bags they are we sold out because they were a lot of people. We raised £17.70.

Selling-Sensations Week 3 21/11/14

Today we were making Christmas lolly pop stick puppets. We still haven’t finished them yet. Mia and Melissa were testing out bath salts. We have finished all of our hama beads and our Christmas cards. Julia is making chocolate lolly’s to donate for us.

18/11/14 Micro Tyco

Yesterday we worked on making
Christmas cards. We printed out the design so they are ready to stick on card.
First we have to get the pictures on the laptop and print them so they are
ready to cut.

We also decided which jobs
people were going to do.

Selling-Sensation Day 2

Today we made Christmas Hamma Beads, we worked on our Christmas cards and we did brooch making with a parent. Abby and Mia did the end of week report for Micro-Tyco. We had to pay Ann-Marie for the clips for the brooches. We made no money this week.

Mount Rainbow week 2

Today we worked on Christmas tags and lollypop stick christmas decorations. I finished my Christmas card. At home my Mum and Lucy are helping us with felt balls and felt decorations. For lollypop sticks we are doing snowmen, Santa and Rudolph. The others worked on tags. Bradley and Neil did our report.

Selling Sensations 12/11/14

Today we made hama bead Christmas magnets. We still have to finish some of them or iron them. They will be finished soon.We also started making reindeer cards but they are not finished.

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