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Selling-Sensation Week 3 day 1

Selling-Sensations have been doing Christmas cards, advertisement, Hamma Beads and salt dough. Mia and Phoebe have been busy while working on the Christmas cards; sticking the noses on the reindeer’s and finnishing off the antlers. Melissa, Honor, Rosie, Sofia and Hannah have been doing the salt dough as well as doing Hamma Beads in the background. Phoebe and I have found the bath salts and candles from last year and are going to sell them in the big sale. We have decided that we are no longer doing a sale this week and are having an even BIGGER sale for the big sale. So far we have to sell: some Christmas cards, some Hamma Beads. We have had some bother with the Hamma beads because A: The beads are not very strong and two of the designs have fallen apart in our hands and B: we can’t get the magnets to stick. Tomorrow we are going to have COMPLETELY  finished the cards, do most of the Hamma Beads and hopefully have done the salt dough but I think that they need 48 hours in the air to set before we cam paint and decorate them.

Mia P7

Selling-Sensations Day 1

This week our team split up into groups. Mia, Honor and Melissa were finding a recipe and Rosie, Phoebe and I were making magnets. First we tried to make ice cream magnets but they were too hard. Then we tried to make button magnets but we did not know how to stick them together. So now we are making hamma bead magnets.   The other group found 4 recipes to make.

Selling-Sensation First Ideas Day!

Today has been the first day of the Micro-Tyco project!

We first watched videos of it to re-jog out memory and we got whiteboards to write down everything we could remember. after that we went into our groups. In the Selling-sensations there are: Mia, Melissa, Honor, Abby, Phoebe and Rosie. We went into the middle room and we brainstormed our ideas on how we are going to make our money. Some of them we all agreed we couldn’t do so we wrote them down anyway and it triggered others and we got some really good ideas! Here is our ideas. 

We then took 20 mins to decide on a team name and a logo. We made a compromise because some of us wanted the name to be “cat” related but others didn’t so we had the logo of a paw-print and then put a pound sign in the middle and I personally think that it looks good!

By Mia P7

Micro-Tyco Project

Welcome to the Burravoe Primary School  Micro-Tyco blog!

Here we will be posting regularly on what the two groups, Selling-Sensation and Mount Rainbow have been working on to raise their money. They have been given £1 for each group but when it was the carnival time, they saved some of the charity money from the carnival float for the Micro-Tyco project so each group have £13.50 each.