Week 4 day 3

Today we finished doing lolly pop Santa men and snow men .We made marsh pops it’s marshmallows on sticks and we made chocolate crispies. This week it is the big sale so we were making as much as we can. We have got Christmas tags, Christmas cards, bunting, lolly pop Santas and snow men, felt balls and felt trees.

this morning we found out that we did not have a enough marshmallows.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 day 3”

  1. Well done Mount Rainbow for getting your products ready for the final sale on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing the completed felt balls.

  2. I hear you had to do some quick thinking to solve some problems today so well done for getting everything finished.

  3. Sounds yummy!!!! Who learned you to make that and who got all the ingredients? I wish we could do that at our school!

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