Week Four Day Two

Today Mia, Honor and I did reindeer glitter and Rosie, Hannah, Sofia, Melissa and Abby did lolly pop stick puppets. We had great fun doing the reindeer glitter because we got to get all the oats and the glitter and mix them together. Looks like the other part of the team had lots of fun as well as us. There was three different colours of glitter, there was green, silver and red. We used up all of the porridge oats. Tomorrow are team needs to finish the lolly pop, finish the tags and I am bringing the chocolate lollies that she made.

One thought on “Week Four Day Two”

  1. I’m really impressed by the reindeer glitter and the way you have packaged it. I like your poster advertising it as well – obviously thought and effort gone into it. I’m glad you are all enjoying what you are doing too 🙂

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