Mount Rainbow

Today  we decided who was doing what. We found a box and wrote down Mount Rainbow because our team is called Mount Rainbow. Some of us had to still finish our Christmas pictures for cards. Were going to sell the cards next week and Christmas the end we will do a big sale what has lots of  things what we did before and new things. Our Profit altogether was £33.33.

Selling-Sensations Week One First Friday

Today we sold sweets to we made them on Wednesday so we were prepared for today. We made chocolate marshmallow pops, sticky coconut wonders, peppermint creams and chocolate truffles.We sold them on plates of three on each plate but we sold the chocolate pops separately. We sold the chocolate pops for 15p each, we sold the peppermint creams for 10p each, we sold the sticky coconut wonders for 8p each and the truffles for 15p each and then we did a bit of adjusting and we sold them for one pound a bag.