Selling-Sensation First Ideas Day!

Today has been the first day of the Micro-Tyco project!

We first watched videos of it to re-jog out memory and we got whiteboards to write down everything we could remember. after that we went into our groups. In the Selling-sensations there are: Mia, Melissa, Honor, Abby, Phoebe and Rosie. We went into the middle room and we brainstormed our ideas on how we are going to make our money. Some of them we all agreed we couldn’t do so we wrote them down anyway and it triggered others and we got some really good ideas! Here is our ideas. 

We then took 20 mins to decide on a team name and a logo. We made a compromise because some of us wanted the name to be “cat” related but others didn’t so we had the logo of a paw-print and then put a pound sign in the middle and I personally think that it looks good!

By Mia P7

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