Pupil Support

Pupil Support teachers welcome contact with parents. Please contact the school office if you wish to talk to or see your child’s Pupil Support Teacher.

Pupil Support teachers are:

  • Michael Boxwell
  • Adam Johnson
  • Leanne Moss
  • Paul Regan
  • Fiona Spence

In a large secondary school, a pupil no longer has the direct and continuing contact with a single class teacher which existed in the primary school, but may be taught by up to 12 teachers each week. In the Secondary school, however, each pupil has a Pupil Support teacher whose job it is to:

  • ensure that each pupil knows and is known personally and in-depth by him/her.
  • to consider the pupil’s personal, social and vocational development.
  • to help the pupil to be aware of his own development and to accept responsibility for it.
  • to identify and to respond quickly and appropriately to the specific needs of the individual.
  • to foster the development of good relations between teachers and pupil.
  • to work well with the home in all aspects of pupil development.
  • to liaise with support and welfare services.
  • to systematise and make effective the recording and communication of information relevant to the welfare of individual pupils.

Pupil Support is a natural and continuous part of school organisation and not simply a response to specific occurrences and crises.

Pupil Support teachers have responsibility for developing the Personal and Social Education programme which includes social, health, vocational and careers education.