Tuesday 10th May

· We started of the day with handwriting and touch typing t wasn’t to fun. Then we did writing, we did our mystery stories. After that was maths, the Randomly Royals did two digit numbers by a one digit number, the Peerie Apples did revision on mixed number fractions which was on work sheets, the Eco Hippy Hippos did compos points, Golden E’s did scale drawings afterwards we did RME on Islam we had to get five facts about it. We finished the day looking for flowers for our bit of the garden, which was really hard then we had to decide what we wanted to keep in the garden.

Monday 9th May

To start the morning we all did handwriting and none of us did touch typing, after that we did our spellings p-4 did the prefix ad, p-5 did using ful as a suffix, p-6 did micro and super and p-7 did their own words. After break we did problem solving and it was very hard the Randomly Royals did multiplying a double digit by a single Peerie apples did mixed number fractions which was very confusing, the Eco Hippy Hippo’s did three figure bearings, the Golden E’s did scale drawings. We did the research for the layers of the earth and had to find out how big each of the layers was and what was in each layer.. We did P.E and Art in the afternoon in art we finished are paintings and in P.E we did games with skipping.

The Little class did news in the morning and in the after noon they did maths and money, Flora liked it and the rest didn’t. They also had art and they made a big vase and flowers they did P.E as well they did the sweeper in P.E and skipping and jumping over hurdles.

Friday the 6 May

On Friday we did just dance we did three songs.
After that we did reading my book was Magnus fin and the ocean quest I did two pages. Then we went to PE and we did the hurdles mrs hobbin was teaching us and we played abandon ship.
After break time we went on the laptops on Mavis Beaken touch typing we had to type the word that was on the screen. We also did spelling test too I got 11/12.
We then did skale drawings Mr Hewitt drawed each bit of the garden and we copyed it on a plain piece of paper we rote how long it was and we did instruchins for the skale drawing. Next we did the class novel we read the book called Cool, its about a boy in a coma and his sister and his Mum visits him and he can here them talk to him but they cant here him.
It was goldin time and I went on the laptop I went on happy wheels game and went on just dance.
Firt thing the little class did Sentences and maths then in the after noun they did weaving in the nursery with stuff from the sea shore. Then they had golden time.

Thursday 5th May

We did work on the scottish election with the p1-3’s. some people brought in leaflets about it. We choose what party we wanted to be in our table groups and made posters to try to get the p6-7’s vote after they got back from choses for life the lib dems group won which was Jenna, nicol and loui-bo after that the p1-3class went and did play block and the p4-5’s played a grammer game which was really anoying by the end of the game the p1-2’s came back from play block and did some maths.The rest of the class did the title for our new topic river deep mountain high.

Wednesday 4th May

In the morning P4-7 class started off with handwriting and then went on to maths to get it out of the way. The Randomly Royals did timetables, the Perrie Apples did fractions, the Eco Hippie Hippos did Compass points, which were easy, and the Golden Es did Co-ordinates and Kieren made a Fred Flintstone picture using co-ordinates. After break the class learned about the layers of the Earth. The part of the Earth we live on is called the crust. The next layer is the Mantle, which is filled with metals and lava. The next layer is the outer core and that is made of lava too. The last layer is the inner core, which is the hottest part of the earth and full of hot lava. After all of that we went outside and measured our part of the garden and then did a rough draw in our project jotters of how the garden looks. Then it was the end of the day.

In the morning P1-3 class did Maths until break. After break they made Croft houses out of clay and they looked really good. Some of the class found the croft houses difficult as they wanted them to be neat but it would look better if they were a little scruffy, then they did computer work and went on happy wheels. Then they weeded the vegetable patch with shovels and hoes so they can plant vegetables in it and eat them after they have grown. It took the whole afternoon to get it all weeded and a lot of hard work.

Choices for Life Thursday 5th May

The p6-7 went in Mrs Perrys car to Lerwick and went to the Clickimin.When we got there we had our piece before we went in. When we went in we sat down and it started. First the Mid Yell High School choir sung a song about your choices for life. It was very good. Then they showed us some videos about drugs and smoking it was kind of boring. Then they did a Family fortunes with questions about drugs. It was quite funny. Then three people did a drama about people changing when they go in to Secondary school. Then the Mcdonald brothers sung three songs it was very good. Robbie thought the fiddle and accordian was very good and other people thought i’m gonna walk 500 miles was good.Then at the end Carrie Mack sung two songs before the Mid yell Choir finished off with the choices for life anthem it was good. We came back with Mrs perry again in the car to school and it was nearly hometime. On the way back we went to the Plantiecrub to get some stuff for the vegatable patch.

Tuesday 3rd May

At the start of the day we did some handwriting, which everyone doesn’t really enjoy. Then we were going to write some detective stories in the style of the diamond brothers. Lots of good introductions of the stories came out and everyone worked hard on them. After break time the class moved onto maths. The Eco Hippie Hippos did angles in the level E textbook, the Perrie Apples played a pizza fraction game, Randomly Royals did multiplication and timetables and the Golden Es were doing coordinates with negative numbers. We finally got the class bank sorted and Kieren and Jonathan used a spreadsheet to put our money bank accounts and we had to fill out forms to put the money in. We are also getting interest in our acountsAfter a great dinner John Coutts came in and took school photos. The class and the whole school photos took forever! There were also some family photos and we also finished off our Shetland fact files. After that we started our new class novel “COOL!” Then it was time to go home.

Thursday 28th April 2011

First we started the day with handwriting and touch typing and I found touch typing quite hard because you had to try and feel for all the keys. Then we went on to doing some grammar work from the grammar textbooks and it was really boring because the textbooks are quite old. After that we had to calculate the profit that we had made from the next days of the theme park, billy baboon is the name of the leading table. Then it was the afternoon so we started our fact files on Shetland and Skeld. An example of what we have been putting in them is: How many people live in Shetland and how big the island is in square kilometres. It was really easy to do because we knew lots about Shetland and Skeld. Finally we read on with the class novel and it is getting quite interesting now because the person that was meant to have died isn’t actually dead.

Firstly the p1-3 class had to write about the royal family and on average they said it was boring. Then they were painting some union jack flags to put up in the school for the royal wedding and they said as a class that it was ok. After that they designed a crown and the whole class liked doing that. Finally they did maths which they all found really boring.

The Royal Wedding Friday 29th April

When we got to school we started making paper plates with William and Kate on them everyone enjoyed it.Then we went for PE with the whole school and we played some games outside.Everyone was happy because it was such a good day and then we went for our break before the Wedding. When it came to a 11 o clock everyone was very excited and we watched the Royal Wedding. It was very annoying because we couldnt find any websites because they were all blocked and we tried lots of computers too .Everyone really liked it but was annoyed because it was very jumpy.When it was dinner we hade a buffet of party food . Everyone thought it was delicious and Louise made a really good job of it.After dinner we had golden time alot of people went outside because of the excellent day. We had party games like pass the parcel and some dance one was the grand old duke of york.