Burravoe Primary School

Shetland Animals


We have lots of great animals Shetland ponies, sheep, cows, rabbits and birds.  Wherever you look you will see animals. People enter animals into the Yell Show, The Yell Show is a livestock show where people enter their animals and win prizes. Shetland ponies are special because they have big thick hair coats,  Shetland ponies are quite strong because they used to be working ponies in Shetland.  Shetland sheep are smaller than most of the sheep, When it is windy sheep stay warm like ponies with their woollen coats We are quite famous because the sheep wool off the sheep are made into Fair Isle jumpers and carpet. We have Shetland cows and so we get fresh milk from the islands around Yell, Shetland Cows survive in Shetland but in the most wild winds people put them in barns to keep them lovely and warm.



  1. Thank you everyone around the world for commenting on my blog! Please do and visit Burravoe School blog again!
    From Charlotte

  2. Dear,Charlotte

    Very nice post.You put in a lot of detail.Good job!
    Can you write more about what kind of animals there are? I really liked it.


  3. dear:Charlotte
    Hi my name is Amari.
    I know it will be a blast blogging with you.What other animals are there.Do you know what your favrite animal is.My favrite animal is a puppy. Blog with you later.


  4. Dear Charlotte
    I don’t know about animals in Shetland because I don’t live there.
    You explained all about the animals in Shetland and that created a picture in my head!
    It must be cool being surrounded by animals.


  5. Wow thats really cool that there is a show for animals.If you know what a circus is ,is the yell show like a circus.I have another question too. If you put your animal in the yell show what do you win and how do you win? great blog!

    Sincerly Ariana

    • Hello Ariana,
      Yell show is not a circus! I haven’t entered my dog in but in know that you can win ribbons, the judges go around and look at the animals and gives them ribbons or not!
      From Charlotte

  6. Dear Charlotte,
    wow that is awesome you guys are such a small class but you guys have so much animals! Lucky 🙂
    I think we in New jersey have lots of animals also How about that?! we have lots of in the zoo thats all! we have hippo’s, zebra’s,giraffe’s, parrots and lots of more 🙂 I hope you guys take a trip to NJ!


  7. Dear charlotte,

    l loved the way you put the horse photos cause i am a horse fan 🙂

    love: Parthavi

  8. very very good i love shetland ponies as well.I didnt know you had shetland cows keep up yhe good work.

  9. We live in a town and have lots of urban animals. Buzzards, red kites and kestrels regularly fly past our school. Foxes and hedgehogs come into our gardens at night looking for food. Sometimes we might see a badger too.
    Sheep are farmed in the mountains and often wander into our streets or even our school grounds.

    Do you have any birds of prey nesting in Shetland?

  10. Your animals are unique and we wish we had some like those. We have cows walking passed our playground.

    Do you all live near a wildlife center or is the whole island a natural area?

    Do you have pirhana or dolphins near you? Do you have predators?

    Do you have squirrels?

    We have horses, bulls, cows, and wild boars. Our animals have a thin coat because most of the time our climate is extremely hot. Today it is 95 degrees Farenheit. There is an area here you can drive through an interact with a bunch of animals. You can visit the site here http://www.topseyexoticranch.com/.

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