Burravoe Primary School

Honor 5 sentence challenge


It was summer in the olden days. It has a water fountain to drink water. There are blossoms growing on the trees. A boy is sailing a boat while a girl is pushing a pram. A family is having a picnic.


  1. Hey! Your sentences are really descriptive! Well done explaining the time of year and some adjectives about the trees.
    Try to use some conjunctions to extend your sentences further!
    Lovely idea for your 5 sentence challenge 🙂

  2. Hello wonderful work! I am part of the 100 word challege. I really enjoyed your writing. I felt like I was in your story.
    Keep up the brilliant work!
    Your friend,

  3. Hello, I do not do the 5 sentence challenge but I do do the 100 word challenge.
    I think this prompt is amazing and spectacular the way you did it. Keep Writing!

  4. Hello Honor. Your 5 sentences are fantastic and super that has left a image in my head. Brillant sentences. Well done!

  5. Hi Honor,
    Lovely piece of work. I really thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Maybe when you are a bit older you can maybe start to do the 100 word challenge , just like me.

  6. hi honor,
    you used good, descriptive words in your sentence. well done!

  7. Great sentences. Excellent opening sentence which set the scene. Everyone is having fun in this picture. You have picked out interesting things that are happening. Keep writing and stretching out your sentences each time. Well done!

  8. Hello Honor!
    Well now – I’m so impressed that you have mentioned that the picture was of a long time ago. That is brilliant observation and your sentences show me how carefully you looked. Your sentences are becoming complex which show that you are going to be a great writer!

  9. Hello Honor. Your 5 sentences are super! You have looked so carefuly at the picture and found some lovely things to describe. I love the connective ‘while’ in the 4th sentence! Well done.

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