Burravoe Primary School

Journey to Skye


We went to school on Monday morning, got in Miss Breyley’s car and drove on the ferry which takes 20 minutes to cross from Ulsta to Toft and then we went upstairs on the ferry. Once the ferry trip was over we drove through Bigton to Sumburgh Airport where we went through security and got asked lots of questions about our luggage and our ID. We waited on multi coloured chairs until the Flybe aeroplane arrived, once it had arrived and the doors were open we had to show a member of staff our ID and she ripped our tickets and gave us the small half to show to the lady on the aeroplane. Once we were on the aeroplane it started to move down the runway, we went faster and faster and then we started to take off .The trip from Sumburgh to Orkney was about 20 minutes long and very calm. When we had landed in Orkney we stayed in the plane while some people got on and off. We took off again because we had to fly to Inverness but this time it was VERRY bumpy! and it took us 30 minutes to get to Inverness. We arrived at Inverness Airport, got our suitcases off the conveyor belt and then got on the coach which drove us to Skye When we arrived in Skye we drove to the wrong hostel so we had to go back the way we came and then go down another road. When we got to the right hostel we had our supper after practising a song called Farewell to Yell, we went straight to bed after supper but we did chat for a while before we got to sleep.


  1. Hi
    We also live on a island but it is bigger than yours. Our class has 22 kids. Does yours only have 10? That is what it looked like in the picture at the top of your blog.
    Did your class really get to go on an airplane?
    That is cool .

  2. What is your school like? Do you have a swimming pool?

  3. Where did you go on the ferry?

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