Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Scamps Visit To Mine

At me and Lucys house  Scamp Lucy  and me  played the wii  and  we played   Just Dance 2 he  liked to play it  so we let  him be  player one and  we took  a photo  of him  with the remot he  eat a orange  for supper   and  did lots of  other   things sleeped with me  and in the morning  he had a quick chat my with my toy s and a quick bye bye   to my toy s  and we  went  to school. We did lessons lots of lessons  after school   some  one alse took him home.


The Weekend

At  the weekend  me and Mum  made ice-cream on Friday. I played  outside on my bike on Saturday. On Sunday I  played on the wii. The game   is called Mario Kart. On Monday  we  played outside.  I  practised  on my bike to balance.  Then we  read inside with Mum and Neil.