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Lewis Chessmen

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On Wednesday we went to the Shetland Museum to see the Lewis Chessmen. In the entrance there was giant chess set so James and I had a quick game then everyone sat on a bench and Yvonne, the museum education officer, asked the order that the pieces came in.

After the intro we went to Gadderie for the tour. We looked at the map of Scotland and told Yvonne where Lewis is because that’s where they were found.

Next we looked at some Chessmen, The King was angry, the Queen was thinking or bored, the Bishop had a tight hold of is cane, the Knight on the horse had his feet in the stirrups and had spurs on his boots, the Berserkers was biting his shield because he took drugs and went berserk and the pawn had no face because they weren’t so important so they had patterns instead. The Chessmen were made of walrus tusk but the spares were shark or whale teeth.

Next we got a clipboard and a pencil and had to draw our favourite Chess piece; I drew a pawn and learned that drawing a Lewis Chessman is really hard.

Next the big ones went into the Auditorium and the little ones went into the learning room. Before we started and we got carried away by a high up door.  We were looking at close up pictures of some Chessmen. Lucy, the Researcher, asked questions about what we think, wonder, know and feel about the Chessmen. At the end we all got to make things! There was card, cards, Crayolas and scissors.

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  1. I really like this report – it gives a good feel of the whole session and takes account of the fact that the reader may have no knowledge of the Lewis Chessmen. The organisation into paragraphs is good! I think the third paragraph is particularly good;the descriptions of the pieces are great; they paint a picture in my mind in a few, well chosen words. Well done 🙂

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