Daily Archives: December 13, 2010

Children Glued in School

11 school children snowed in to school by a huge avalanche. It happened at 3:30 PM in Burravoe. The girls were making complete fools of them selves then the snow from the roof blocked the doors and even the tunnel bit where the kitchen is! The 3 boys were angry so they got infinity shots on Mario Kart and they slept on the ramp.                                                                                      Google imagesSee full size image


Snow Strikes Again

On the ninth of December our school was closed because of bad weather. This is a pretend newspaper report  about snow that was set for homework.

Snow Strikes Again

We are now into our second week of continuous snow. With more snow to come. This heavy snow had brought Scotlandto a stand still. With flight disruptions and transport being canceled. There has been public uproar at the lack of provision  in place for dealing with this weather. Many commuters have been stuck in their cars over night. People have been asking that transport minister Stewart Stevenson resign.

This photo is from FreeFoto.com

Ice- addint

On the ninth of December 2010 there was a car that crashed. The car crashed because the road in Aith was icy. The Johnston family who was in the Citroen C4 had to go to hospital. Mrs and Mr Johnston and their three kids had (Luckily) minor injuries. Mr Johnston said “The road was fine until we came to the cattle grid. The snow must have been drived over a lot because it was slippy. We just drived over and crashed into a fence. It broke our car head lights and the bonnet but I am glad that nobody was hurt.”

The snow should get better over the days but be careful on the roads.