Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Post Cards from St Clairs School in Dunedin

Yesterday we looked at the post cards from St Clairs School in Dunedin(Room 7 to be precise). First off all we looked at them by ourselves. The postcards I looked at were of the beach, the butchers and of The Esplanade. We all got in to pairs and discussed what we had learned about St Clair. We then went in big groups and discussed about the postcards we all had. We wrote all our ideas about what St Clair must be like up on the board.   They made the postcards all by themselves, They looked very creative and fun to do.  They also put some of our photos of us looking at the cards up on their blog   http://super7scoopers.edublogs.org/

I made this photo like this using Anymaking.

Hard days work

Today we made a Crofting Connections book for Edinburgh. we worked all morning on it and we finally got it finished.  We had to print off all our work and put in plastic wallets in a folder to take to Edinburgh.  We will show it to lots of people, one of them is Tavish Scott our MSP. Me , Kay and Brydon will be showing them the Crofting Connections work. Lots of other schools in Scotland are doing Crofting Connections.

Old Haa Recordings

We went down to the Old Haa to listen to our recordings about rocks. I did Mica Shist and Pegmatite. This is a link to the Pegmatite audio so you can listen if you want to. The Old Haa is in Burravoe and just down the road from our school. This is a picture of us listening to the audio.

 After we had listened to the audio we went into the Old Haa garden to see the new quartz Inukshuk. Then we walked back up to the school.