Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

wood dens

Making dens in Voxter Wood

At Voxter wood me and Brydon saw dens that people made. We tried to make one each, they were pretty good but we ran out of time so they weren’t as good as the other people made.  But it was still fun nobody else in our school made one I think they were both different but still good. We used sticks that we found on the ground or somebody else had cut them down. People had also made swings and things. Brydon stuck sticks up against the tree. I found a tree with three big branches and stuck a triangle shape for the roof structure and then I made a roof and balanced sticks at the back.

Shetland Museum

Today we went to the museum in Lerwick to learn a bit more about crofting. We had our piece, then went with Steven (our guide) to see the miniature crofting area. We talked about how we had roads and fences and back then they didn’t. We then went to look at the croft house. We saw that the house back then was really different than the ones we have right now. The house was made out of stones, metal, straw and driftwood. We went to the Learning Room and filled in question sheets about what we had learned and seen. Christine came and did carding with us. We all had our own little carding boards to work with, we used wool strait of the sheep. Carding is what you do before you use a spinning wheel. We had our lunch then went for a look in the gallery.

Harvest festival

I went to the harvest festival on Sunday.A harvest festival is to thank God for the harvest . The windows had food displayed in them. We sang songs and we raided the windows later on and put it on chancel and I collected the money. Somebody read a bit from the book then Rev Neil asked a question about where Brazil is and I said where its always been! So I got to cut the papaya and show everyone. Near the end 6 of us each read a line from a poem. At the end everybody tasted fruit that was cut up, I only liked the kiwi and apple but I tried the mango and physalis but they both made my throat feel all dry.


We did drama with Kerry Jane. We pretended to be animals and we thought how people are like animals. We played 1 game,  we had to find people that looked like an  animal on a photo and in  books. We did stretching exercises. We all had to lie on the floor and shut are eyes and a imagined to meet the animal that you think you look like. After a few minutes we slowly moved up and started to be an animal we started from 100 to 0 and when we got to 0  we were human again.