Terrific Tour Guides

Our carefully planned tour of Peebles took place on sunny Monday. We had lots of parents, family members and friends join us to take part in the tour. We shared the scripts that we have been working on for the last 7 weeks and shared information from all of our visits to these locations for research.  Thank you to our tourists for taking part in the tour and the organisations who let us visit their premises.


9 thoughts on “Terrific Tour Guides”

  1. I enjoyed going to the high school and I am even more excited for high school then I was before and I can not wait for it! 🙂

  2. This week I have enjoyed the high school visits. I particularly enjoyed the art and woodwork classes. I am excited to go there after the summer holiday.

  3. I enjoyed going on the two day visit to the high school and getting to know my way around without the fear of getting lost. I have now got rid of a few of my fears like getting lost, longer classes, homework and more. I also liked making the final tour script even though i couldn’t go on the tour.

  4. Esther- The tour was fun and it was interesting to say some of the script about places we weren’t able to go. It taught us to plan ahead and be loud and clear so everyone could hear us over the noise.

  5. Mairi- I really liked showing lottie’s dad around although he had to leave at 11 am. It was though because we went with lois’s mum for the rest of it

  6. Jennifer and Ellie – we liked the tour because it was a way where we could see the whole of Pebbles but we still were working

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