P7A Review of the Week 13.5.19

Comment below to give your highlight of the week. Remember to include thoughts on learning, activities, skills and knowledge.

15 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week 13.5.19”

  1. Aiden- I liked doing the music advert and i would like to do it again with actual products rather than food

  2. I enjoyed going down to the drill hall to find out who was in the Beltane court and I was!! I am really excited for Beltane Saturday in my position of the Queens Highlander.

  3. Lucy- I enjoyed going to the Beltane announcement. I am so happy I got into court but I am so sad that some people didn’t make it. The ice cream was very nice.

  4. Lola I enjoyed the Beltane announcements because I am a maid in the court and we got ice cream.
    I wonder how hard court practise will be.

  5. Jack- I really enjoyed listening to all the peoples names getting called out for the Beltane court. I was also so happy when my name got called out for Second Courtier because I didn’t think I would get it.

  6. Esther-I really enjoyed getting my Beltane costume! I really like the accessories and can’t wait to see everyone else on Beltane!

  7. Zak – I enjoyed the science experiment with the Chemicals,Atoms and the oobleck and how they all work different.

    Isaac – I enjoyed going to the Drill Hall on Thursday and finding out who was is the Beltane Court.

    Samuel – I enjoyed making a clay Tontine in art and going to the Beltane court announcement.

  8. Shaun-I liked going down to the drill hall and finding out that i am the new sceptre Bearer at the 2019 beltane

  9. Fergus I liked doing the Beltane court because I found out I was a Yomen or archer
    Alex I liked doing the hammer threw because I threw it far.

  10. I enjoyed going to the Drill hall to hear the court aroused but I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get in.
    well done on the people who did get in

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