Primary 6 homework.

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We have been looking at living things this block and our piece of homework is based on that. Choose one of the following to work on and bring to share with the class on Wednesday 5th of June.

  • Take a walk in your local area and take pictures of the living things that you can see. Use these pictures to create a poster identifying what you have seen.
  • Choose an invertebrate or vertebrate and find out about it- think about  its habitat, diet, adaptations, how is it classified. Present this information in a way of your choice eg Powerpoint, write on blog, poster.
  • Create a diorama of different living things. This should be all be linked and should show plants, vertebrates and invertebrates that depend on each other. It could be in any part of the world.
  • Create a 3D model of an imaginary invertebrate. What group does it belong to, is it a predator or prey, does it have any special features?
  • Many living things rely on camouflage as an adaptation. Either  create a piece of art which shows how a vertebrate or invertebrate is camouflaged.This could be a painting, collage.  Or create a Powerpoint which shows us different examples.Look at examples  in nature to inspire you.
  • Many species and habitats are becoming extinct because of the actions of man. What can we do to save the planet? Create a poster that tells the reader what practical things they can do.

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