P4/5 Yearly Overview

The table below shows you the broad areas of study your child’s year group  will cover this session. The home learning activities we suggest on the ‘Home Learning’ page  will  fit with these areas, as well as providing more general practice of core skills. We hope this will help you when  you are learning together at home.

Curricular Area Block 1


Block 2

Oct- Dec

Block 3

Jan- Mar

Block 4


Social Studies Diversity, Human rights  (Refugees and immigration) Historical Topic – Romans


Scotland’s Landscape

Earth’s Materials

Rocks, Soils and Minerals

 Science Biodiversity Let’s Think Science Sound & Light





Reading, Listening & Talking Identifying the main ideas



Skimming & scanning



Reciting poetry

SRA  (until Feb holiday)

Reading for Information and note taking

Selecting texts for enjoyment


Writing Recount Description Information Report Narrative


Adjectives, Contractions, Dictionary Skills Verb Tense , Adverbs


Commas , Singular and plural, Thesaurus Speech marks , Pronouns
Grammar p5 Contractions, Paragraphing

Adjectives (comparative and superlative)

Verb tense


Singular and plural


Apostrophe to show possession

Direct speech

Subject and object



Question words, Revise ck/k R sound, Contractions, Long vowel sounds Dig/tri,  Ph/wh/ch, s-r/thr, Prefixes Suffixes , Compound words


Spelling p5 Double consonants, Homophones


Soft c and g, Silent letters

O for u sound

Tion/sion, Ture, Le ending,  ea,ear

Ie for ee sound and ei

Suffixes, Plurals

Compound words


Group1 Place value to 100,000

Rounding & estimating



Add and Subtract up to 10,000 using mental and written strategies

Patterns and Relationships


Number patterns involving multiples/Factors of numbers

Multiply 2/3 digits using all tables

Divide 3 digits using all tables

Decimal fractions, Convert improper fractions/mixed number, Equivalent fractions

Analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour times,

Time intervals – 1 min past and to

Managing money

Group2 Revise -Place value to 10000

Rounding & estimating


Subtraction up to 1000 using mental and written strategies

Addition to 1000 mental and written strategies, Patterns and Relationships

Multiplication Facts 6,7,8,9

Division by 6,7,8,9

Fractions of shapes and numbers and begin to look at equivalent fractions.


Money -using coins and finding change up to £20 note.

Time – 5 min intervals past and to the hour with analogue and digital clocks

Group 3 Revise place value to 1000

Rounding + estimating


Subtraction up to 100 using written method.

Addition to 100 written strategy

Patterns and Relationships


Introduce multiplication facts 3, 4

Multiplication by 2,3,4,5,10 using times table square

Division by 2,3,4,5,10 using times table square

Fractions of numbers and shapes

Money- Using coins and finding change up to £10 note.

Missing numbers

Time- Quarter past and to

Practical Maths Information Handling


Shape, position and movement -angles/compass points/grid reference 2D + 3D shape


Measuring and applying length, weight, volume and area


Health & Wellbeing


Take a moment (Building Resilience)

Drugs Education

Talk things over (Building Resilience)

First Aid and Keeping Safe

Get Active (Building Resilience)

Sexual Health & relationships

Make a difference (Building Resilience)
Physical Education Football/netball , Swimming Gymnastics, social dance Badminton , Creative dance Athletics, Short tennis/golf
Technologies ICT Time: touch typing, using Word Programming (Beebots) Research/using web pages , Powerpoint Email , Coding


Looking after our environment


Respecting others’ beliefs and values, Tolerance & prejudice Key beliefs – Christianity vs Ancient Rome


Food, Fasting and festivals


French Revise greetings, Saying the date,




Weather Family Members Sports and Activities
Expressive arts Art Painting Drawing   /   Printing 3D modelling Collage Fabric
Music Start Keyboard skills


Performing ostinatos and ensemble performance Call and response –  Improvisation

Purpose of lyrics / writing simple rhymes.

Elements of music, creating style and mood in music. Reflective evaluation.
Drama Minibeasts Drama Drama Skills, Raoul the street child Roman Invasion , Performance drama No bullies in this school

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