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Learning with the P5s

Primary 5 invited us to look at the Powerpoints they had made about the Sun, Earth and Moon.  It was very interesting.  They are now going on to learn about the Planets.   Thank you very much Primary 5 for sharing your learning with us.

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P2b’s Hedgehog Facts


We learned lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs in block 1. Did you know hedgehogs can swim and have over 7,000 spines?  If you get the chance, stop and look at our wall display and learn more about our prickly friends.



P2b’s Hedgehog House

This week we went outside to build our class hedgehog house.  We think we found the perfect spot using all the facts we have learned about hedgehogs. Fingers crossed a passing hedgehog will think it’s a great place to hibernate in over the winter!


How can you help me with my learning at home?

Here are some useful websites to help you at home: (Maths online games) (Maths online games) (Letter and number formation, Maths and spelling) (Letter and number formation, Maths and spelling) We use this site at school. You need to subscribe to this site.

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