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Rain, Rain, Rain

This week we have been finding out about how the weather is measured. We worked together to make a rain gauge out of a plastic bottle. We are now planning where to put our rain gauge in the playground, how often to measure how much rain it collects and how to record our findings.

P2b’s Favourite Weather

We have been learning all about pictographs and bar graphs in Maths this block. We decided to find out what the most popular weather was in our class. We used tally marks then made a pictograph to show the results. It was a draw between to the snow and the sun!

Cress growing experiment

We have been learning how to design an experiment this block. We have explored what a fair experiment is, making predictions and recording what happens.

We grew cress seeds in different conditions to find out what healthy plants need to grow. We were surprised to discover that the seeds we grew in the dark grew the fastest but they didn’t look very healthy or nice to eat!


Our next step is to use what we learned from our cress growing experiment to help us design and plan our own bean growing experiment.

P2 Scottish Poems

These are our Scottish poems.  Please choose one of them to learn off by heart so that you can say it to your teacher.  Many thanks.

Twa Leggit Mice by J.K. Annand

My mither says that we hae mice
That open air-ticht tins
And eat her chocolate biscuits
And cakes and siclike things.

Nae doubt it is an awfu shame
That mice should get the blame.
It’s really me that rypes the tins
When left alane at hame.

But jings! I get fair hungert
And biscuits taste sae nice.
But dinna tell my mither for
She thinks it is the mice.

Ode Tae a Spider by Sheena Blackhall

Hairy feet, hairy feet noo whair ye hiddin?
Richt by ma plughole, ye clarty wee midden!
Hairy feet, hairy feet oot the cat flap
Or I’ll dunt ye and dunk ye and turn oan the tap!