Review of the Week 28.5.21

With only 4 weeks to the end of term and the end of our time at Kingsland we have started lots of planning for our virtual Leavers’ assembly. We have also been busy –

  • Completing our writing assessments on response writing
  • Watching and taking part in transition lessons from the high school
  • Drawing shapes and tiling shapes to make patterns
  • Writing about our memories of Kingsland
  • Thinking about inherited characteristics and dominant and recessive genes
  • Up-levelling our sentences to make them more interesting
  • Studying Banksy graffiti art to find hidden meanings. We designed our own with positive messages and drew them around the classroom
  1. Who was in your back up team this week and how did they help you?
  2. What are you most looking forward to in the last few weeks at Kingsland?
  3. What was your most valuable learning experience this week?

33 thoughts on “Review of the Week 28.5.21”

  1. Who was in your back up team this week and how did they help you?: I don’t really know who was in my backup team
    What are you most looking forward to in the last few weeks at Kingsland?: spending it with my friends.
    What was your most valuable learning experience this week?: I don’t really know.

  2. 1. My friends because they just hang out with me which is enough for me.
    2. The giant game of hide and seek.
    3. Learning algebra because it is important in a lot of stuff

  3. 1) Jessica- because she was really helping me in maths this week when I didn’t get something she always explained it to me.
    2)The last day only because we get to show the school something special!!!!
    3) The everything especially the High School transition.

  4. My friends and family for making me laugh and feel safe

    P7 leaver assembly

    I liked and found the dna work most valuable

  5. 1. Mrs Brown was in my backup team this week because she helped me when I found things hard.

    2.I’m most looking forward to do lots of stuff for us leaving school like fun activities.

    3. My most valuable learning experience this week was doing our writing assessment because it made me think about hope a bit more.

  6. 1. Charlie because he helped me with my maths.
    2. That we do less work and more fun activities.
    3. Learning about the different types of gens in a human body and how the get past on

  7. 1. My friends by making me laugh when needed to.
    2. The last day.
    3. Leaning what how your characteristics were made.

  8. 1. My friends because they made me happy.
    2. The last day.
    3. Probably the maths we did with playing the game then drawing it on the piece of paper.

  9. 1) My friends because when I was sad they were there for me.
    2) The last day of school.
    3) Learning about my characteristics.

  10. 1 My friends were in my back up team.
    2 I’m looking forward to watching my leavers assembly when it is finished.
    3 That even though people may not look like their parents they are still in the same family.

  11. 1. My back up team was the people who let me film them for a video.
    2. I’m looking forward to finishing planning our p7 leavers assembly.
    3. That some people don’t look like their parents because they got passed on a hidden gene.

  12. 1.Bethany because she was really kind to me and helped me to be less worried about high school.
    2.the last week because we are going to be doing something fun
    3.that drawings can have hidden meanings

  13. 1 Mrs brown because when i was stuck in maths she helped me
    2 less work and more fun activity’s
    3. The work with the genes.

  14. 1. Benjamin because he helped me with maths.
    2. The last week so we can do fun stuff.
    3. Learning about all of the different DNA genes.

  15. My teacher for helping me to learn more.

    The fun stuff with leavers

    Learning about Characteristics

  16. 1. Mrs little for teaching me .
    2.the leavers assembly for the last day of school.
    3.the writing assessment for high school .

  17. 1) Nora Murray Rose Archie helped with a video
    2) some of our leavers things
    3) the spelling because I did struggle with some this week

  18. 1. I enjoyed Learning how to do a green screen.
    2. This week I tried hard on my writing.
    3. This week I found maths quite tricky.

  19. Murray
    1. Zak
    2. Leavers stuff
    3. The work for leavers assembly

    1. Friends
    2. Going to high school
    3. Maths

    1. Not sure
    2. I would love to have a water fight
    3. Not sure but I enjoyed working on iMovie

    1 and 2) I enjoyed doing our assembly and I’m exited to see how it turns out
    3) maths

    I liked PE this week

    My friends helped me when I was stuck
    The leavers assembly
    Being resilient

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