Review of the Week 21.5.21

We’ve had a very busy week in P7! Here are some of the highlights –

  • Maths assessments for high school
  • Spelling with the m, mm, mb, sound
  • Writing a response to the spooky animation ‘Francis’
  • Analysing Banksy artwork using our inference skills
  • Finding out how a baby grows and develops before birth
  • Finding out about how twins occur
  • Extracting DNA from a strawberry
  • Building double helix structures with base pairs out of sweeties
  • Planning our Leavers’ Assembly
  • Watching some video messages from teachers at Peebles High School
  • Walk to School Week with the help of our JRSO team – William, Summer and Tara
  1. What surprised you this week?
  2. What do you wish you could do again and why?
  3. What’s the most important thing you learnt this week and why?
  4. Who have you shown kindness to this week?

32 thoughts on “Review of the Week 21.5.21”

  1. 1. The thing that surprised me the most is the amount of DNA that I caught from a strawberry.

    2.I wish I could do the making the DNA sweet experiment again because it was really fun.

    3. The most important thing that I have learnt this week is algebra because it helped with my maths assessment.

    4. I have shown kindness to members of staff in the school because every time I’ve been walking past them I have smiled.

  2. What surprised you this week?: the dna Strawberry experament
    What do you wish you could do again and why?: the dna thing but with a different fruit because it was so fun.
    What’s the most important thing you learnt this week and why?: the thing about the dna 🧬
    Who have you shown kindness to this week?: hazel

  3. 1. The extracting DNA which was also really cool.
    2. Extracting the DNA because that was fun.
    3. How DNA works because it is important.
    4. My friends I think.

  4. 1 that we got to extract DNA.
    2 build and eat the DNA model again.
    3 how to extract DNA because that could help me to get a good job in life.
    4 I have shown kindness to my friends this week.

  5. 1) That we took samples of strawberry DNA.
    2) Shoeday on Tuesday because I wore so high heel boots.
    3) the DNA samples and that I learned how to take samples from any fruit now!
    4) All my Classmates and others in the school.

  6. 1) nothing
    2) I wish that we could make sweet dna because I loved eating them
    4) my friends and family

  7. 1. Seeing strawberry dna
    2.make and see dna making it because I ate it and seeing it because it was cool.

  8. 1. when we got to do lots of fun activities to do with DNA like finding DNA from a strawberry and making a DNA model and getting to eat it.
    2. I would like to do more tasks to do with DNA because I learnt a lot while having so much fun.
    3.I have learnt to take my time because when you take your time you produce better work.
    4. My friends.

  9. 1) maths assessments
    2) How twins occur because I was off and it seems interesting
    3) leavers stuff because it it important
    4) my friends

  10. 1. That strawberry DNA is really gross
    2.make DNA again because it was really fun to make and eat walk safely across roads because it’s really important to look both ways before crossing
    4. Bethany and Frey

  11. Extracting the dna from the strawberry’s
    When we made the dna model out of sweets because we got to eat them
    Stuff about phs so we know what to expect when we transit
    My friends

  12. 1.doing the DNA task because I really Injoyed it
    3.the high school assessment
    4.William because when he for got to take a picture of the board I sent him the picture on email

  13. 1. The dna from strawberry.
    2. Building the structures with sweets cause it was fun and we got to eat the sweets.
    3. Probably how twins work because we might need to know when we are older.
    4. My class and teacher.

  14. 1. The extracting DNA which was also really cool.
    2. Extracting the DNA because that was fun.
    3. How DNA works because it is important.
    4. My family because I’m kind of helping them like getting them breakfast and stuff.

  15. 1 the thing that surprised me that we got to see strawberry DNA

    2 I wish that I could see more DNA from plants because it’s interesting to watch and fun to do

    3 the DNA because it’s good to know how plants grow and how to make them and I enjoyed writing about Francis i really enjoyed it

    4 my friends teachers and family

  16. 1)maths assessments
    2)strawberry dna so I could do it better
    3)maths assessments because they show you how hard they are and show you what level of maths you are at
    4)my friends and teacher

  17. 1. What the strawberries DNA looks like.
    2. Eat the DNA sweets because the tasted nice.
    3. Don’t give up because the assessments were hard.
    4. Oliver j

  18. 1. That you could extract DNA from a strawberry very easily.
    2. Making a double helix structure out of sweets because I got to eat the sweets.
    3. The most important thing I have learned this week is how to extract DNA from a strawberry because one of my career pathways was a forensic scientist.
    4. Helping Andrew with his double helix structure.

  19. 1. The amount of DNA we got from strawberries.
    2. Making the double helix DNA because it was really fun.
    3. The DNA because someone in the class might choose a profession that involves using DNA.
    4. My friends by helping them when they are stuck.

  20. 1. That you can extract DNA from a strawberry.
    2. Extracting DNA from fruits and other things because it was fun to find out how people can extract DNA from things to see what happened if they have had an illness.
    3. That we had you do math tests to see which maths class in high school.
    4. Helping Andrew with his chalk painting by getting him the right chalk colour.

  21. 1 When we got the dna from the strawberry
    2 When dna with the sweets because it was fun and tasty
    3 Probably the maths assent because that reminded me of a lot of the thing we did in maths
    4 my family

  22. 1) I was surprised that there is loads of DNA in a strawberry.

    2) The Tuesday shoes-day because I wore my flip flops and it was very funny .

    3) The leavers things so I know what is coming.

    4) My friends .

  23. 1) Being able to extract dna from a strawberry.
    2) Make dna with sweets because I like how everyone has a unique dna code.
    3) The dna because say you were trying to find out if there’s anyone in your family that you didn’t know about.
    4) Mrs Scott (and class) because when they were coming in from break I let them go past while I waited.

  24. 1)The dna experiment
    2) Build the dna model again
    3) algebra for the high school papers
    4) my friends

  25. 1. Health and wellbeing

    2.the dna stuff because was fun and it involved sweets and wellbeing

    4. To my friends

  26. 1.that we got to extracts DNA from a strawberry.
    2. Making a double helix with sweets
    3. The dna
    4. Helped Erin when she was sad

  27. 1)the maths assessments
    2)making DNA out of sweets
    3)doing the maths assessment so I could get in the right maths class
    4)my friends

  28. Extracting dna from a strawberry
    The dna lesson because it was so fascinating
    My partner, Rueben

  29. Erin
    1) The DNA from a strawberry
    2) Making DNA from Sweets
    3) DNA
    4) I helped Megan when she was sad

    1. The DNA work
    2) Again the DNA work

    1. The amount of DNA from a few strawberries
    2. I wish we could do more stuff with DNA
    3. The High School Assessments
    4. Jack – I turned his charger on for him

    1. It surprised me that I actually managed to finish my writing on the first day
    2. DST

    I really liked the sweets!

    1. DNA
    2. building the DNA model
    3. PHS maths booklets
    3. My friend

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