P7 Review of the week

P7 have had another busy week. We have been settling back into our routines and are getting used to being around each other again and improving our concentration levels. This week we have:

  • Researched, planned and written Explanation texts about the Life Cycle of Salmon
  • Learned about spelling words containing the patterns j, g, ge and dge
  • Studied some poetry in our task map reading lessons
  • Created questions about a text
  • Learned essential financial knowledge about debit & credit cards, budgeting, discounts, profit & loss etc.
  • Investigated the area of right angled triangles and composite shapes
  • Worked in groups to design and plan a zoo, thinking about area and perimeter
  • Revised some essential First Aid skills as part of our ‘Keeping myself safe’ sessions
  • Created some fabulous artwork for next week 😉
  • Enjoyed playing some of the playground games we have learned with Mrs Fletcher during our break times.
  • Received a Head Teacher’s Award and a comment in our jotter from Mrs Wilson

Time to reflect:

  1. What do you most appreciate about being back at school?
  2. What is your goal for the rest of the term? (Only a week to go remember!)
  3. What have you most enjoyed this week?

38 thoughts on “P7 Review of the week”

  1. 1. Being able to do work with no distractions.
    3. I have liked PE the most,

  2. 1.Seeing all my friends. and not having to to home learning.
    2. To get into the habit of working more frequently.
    3.the zoo problem solving.

  3. 1. I appreciate being able to see my classmates and being able to do some really fun things.
    2. My goal is to understand how area and perimeter works.
    3. I have enjoyed doing the art this week and also the weather has been quite nice for some of it so I enjoyed that too.

  4. 1) seeing friends and getting face to face learning back!!
    2) to know more about percentages and weight in maths.
    3) the zoo problem solving with my table to make a great zoo together!! 😁

  5. 1. Not having to do the annoying home learning
    2. To do better in writing
    3.the zoo maths challenge

  6. 1. Not having to do the annoying home learning.
    2. To do better in my writing.
    3. The zoo maths challenge.

  7. 1. Life being closer to normality.
    2. My goal for the rest of term is to make my work neater.
    3. I have enjoyed playing in the MUGGA.

  8. 1. That I get better education and I get to see my friends and teachers.
    2. Get up earlier in the morning and to try hard.
    3. The zoo problem solving cause we got to work as a team and it was fun.

  9. The thing that I like about getting back to school is seeing my friends.

    My goal is to get up earlier so I don’t have to rush to school

    I have most enjoyed is probably the kahoot

  10. 1 getting to see all my friends again

    2 to get better at my at math

    3 I enjoyed doing my report on the cycle of salmon

  11. 1) Seeing my friends again for the first time in 3 months.
    2) To get fitter.
    3) I have enjoyed the playground games Mrs Fletcher told us about.

  12. 1) Seeing all my friends do again

    2) my goal is to stay focused

    3) I enjoyed best is writing about the salmon life cycle

  13. 1 seeing my friends

    2 my goal is to work on my handwriting

    3 I have most enjoyed the Kahoot on Friday

  14. My favourite thing about being back in school is seeing my friends.
    To concentrate more to get ready for high school
    I’m not sure, lots of what what we have done was fun.

  15. 1) being able to get things explained in a way I will get it and seeing my friends
    2) to try and get all my maths done in the first session instead of having to do it later
    3) doing arty stuff

  16. I think this week was really good

    Um when we were really sensible and kind to each other

    Getting back into art, because I love art

    Doing things for Mrs Wilson’s retirement, she’s been a great headteacher and really kind.

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