P7B Review of the Week 19.3.21

It has been so lovely to be back in school with you all this week. You have worked incredibly hard and have managed to settle back into the routines really well.

Our first week back has included –

  • FDP
  • Negative numbers
  • Area and perimeter
  • Explanation writing about photosynthesis
  • Paddington film trailer task map
  • Spellavator Wars
  • PE playground games
  • Zoo planning problem solving
  • Team work card game
  • Our new class novel – Eleven by Tom Rogers

Reflect on your first week back by answering these questions.

  1. What has been the best thing about being back at Kingsland?
  2. What has challenged you this week?
  3. What piece of work were you most proud of this week?

16 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week 19.3.21”

  1. 1.The best thing about being back is seeing all my friends and Mrs Brown.
    2.The thing that has challenged me next week is to get up early to leave for school.

    3.I was proud of my photosynthesis writing.

  2. 1. Being able to see my friends
    2. Having to wake up in the morning and to get back into routine
    3. My explanation writing about photosynthesis

  3. 1) Seeing my friends again.
    2) The explanation text writing.
    3) The negative numbers in maths.

  4. 1. Seeing me friends but not getting up so early in the morning!
    2. Definitely the P.E. Because when I was in the hub it was just a couple of people but now at school it so many people!
    3. My negative numbers work yes I didn’t get that much done in the time limit because in the hub I could work on it all day!

  5. 1 the best thing for me this week has been getting to see all my friends

    2 my challenge for this week has been the maths from this week

    3 my proudest bit of work this week has been my photosynthesis

  6. 1 being to see my friends again
    2.getting up in time for school
    3.spelling because I got 41 extensions for the words


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