P7A Review of the week 4.12.20

Well, it’s a very snowy Kingsland today and what a view from our window! We’ve had a lot of fun this week designing, creating and decorating our classroom entrance.  We’ve also made some beautiful cards for the Royal Voluntary Service to include in special hampers for older people in our area.  Of course, we’ve also continued to work really hard as well, improving our understanding of Fractions and developing our analytical skills in Reading.

1) What did you enjoy most this week?

2) What was your proudest moment?

3) Which charity would you like to research next week?

P7B Review of the Week 4.12.20

The start of December has arrived and the school is looking fantastic. We have been busy decorating our door which is almost finished so we will post a photo next week. We have been reading a new Christmas novel by Matt Haig called A Boy Called Christmas and it has been getting us in the Christmas mood. Here are some of the other things we have been doing –

  • Fractions jigsaw
  • Writing the 12 days of Covid-Christmas
  • Spellavator Wars for the phoneme/graphemes c, k, ck, cc
  • Decimals ladder battle
  • Making Christmas cards for the Royal Voluntary Service to deliver to elderly people who might be alone at Christmas
  • Using the spreadsheet app on our iPads to input data and create appropriate graphs
  • Starting the 12 sketches of Christmas using the inspire learn tutorials on youtube
  1. What have you enjoyed the most this week?

  2. What are you most looking forward to before the end of term?

  3. What global goal did your learning help you to address this week?

Spreading a little kindness

P7A really enjoyed this week’s assembly, especially the story about the robin told by Mrs Wilson and the animated Kindness story.  They really helped us reflect on our behaviour and how we can be kinder to others.

In the run up to Christmas we have two advent calendars in our classroom – both designed to put a smile on someone’s face (after sanitising your hands of course).  The first calendar contains a Festive joke to tell the class and the second contains a daily Kindness challenge.  Please comment on this post if someone has been kind to you recently.