P7A Review of the week 11.12.20

We’re still working hard in P7 but have had a seasonal theme to some of our activities.  One of this week’s highlights was making our Pop-up toys.

When Mrs Little said we were doing ‘Technology’ most of us assumed she meant Digital Technology.  We are so used to all the modern gadgets that we forgot that Technology means “The study of machinery and the way things work”.  What we thought was a nice easy Christmas craft was actually a quite complex machine which involved very precise measuring and assembly.  Some of it was very tricky but we are so pleased with the finished results.  Check out this video to see some in action:

Other tasks this week:

  • Literacy – Research, Note-taking and Writing of an Information Report on a charity of our choice.
  • Numeracy – Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, using bar models to help visualise a fractions problem, changing mixed numbers to/from improper fractions, reinforcing how to simplify fractions
  • Health & Wellbeing – Learning about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • 12 Sketches of Christmas – watching some of the Inspire Learning Acadmeny YouTube videos and using the tips to create our own artistic masterpieces using the Sketches app.
  • Dance with Mrs Fletcher
  • Christmas Music quiz with Mrs Inglis

Reflection Time:

  1. What is ONE thing you have learned this week?
  2. Has someone done something kind for you this week?
  3. What are you most looking forward to next week?



15 thoughts on “P7A Review of the week 11.12.20”

  1. This week is great fun thanks for planning it Mrs Little I couldn’t have a better P7 experience you always make it really fun

  2. My favourite was doing the pop-up art toy.
    I learned about Cancer Research.
    I am looking forward to the movie afternoon next week.

  3. I learned how to make a pop up art thingy!
    Yes people have cheered me up when I’m sad
    Looking forward to the Christmas holidays

  4. 1) I leaned how to make a drawing look 3D on sketches school

    2) Megan gave me a sticker:)

    3) I am most looking forward to the movie on Tuesday

  5. I really enjoyed doing music
    Mrs little was kind and gave me a sticker
    And I learnt that technology doesn’t mean digital technology.

  6. 1) how to make a pop up chimney
    2) yes asked me if I was ok
    3) seeing everyone for the last week I will miss you all

  7. This week I have learned that technology isn’t just digital stuff

    Someone gave me sticker

    Im excited to watch Home Alone next week

  8. 1. I learned how to make a pop up Santa
    2. Megan gave me 2 stickers
    3. I’m excited for the movie because I get to wear my sweatshirt instead of school clothes

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