P7B Review of the Week 20.11.20

It has been a very hard working week this week! Some of our highlights are –

  • Writing information reports about Malala Yousuf
  • Using bar models and pictures to find fractions of an amount
  • Reading The Graveyard Book
  • Taking on the role of a dietician and providing advice for a fictional client
  • Learning about volume by making lots of noise in science
  • Spellavator Wars
  • Starting to plan our science project
  1. What has made this week enjoyable for you?
  2. What Global Goals link with your learning this week?
  3. What ideas do you have for December that could replace the usual activities we won’t be able to do because of Covid restrictions?

24 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week 20.11.20”

  1. 1 That the work wasn’t really hard.
    2 Life on Land and equal education.
    3 Having a party in the classroom instead of in the dining hall.

  2. 1. Basketball.
    2. Climate action an piece fairness and democracy.
    3. I do not know but when my mind works I will think of one.

  3. 1. Basketball.
    2. Climate action and piece fairness and democracy.
    3. I do not know but when my mind works I will think of one.

  4. 1.Starting to get into the Christmas Spirit because this year hasn’t been the best year and talking about Christmas has made me very excited.
    2.Number 13 climate action because we entered A competition to make a presentation about climate action.
    3. We could watch a Christmas movie because we are doing an elf door display.We could also decorate our classroom for Christmas.

  5. 1.I enjoyed being a dietician and making the food diet for Laura’s week.

    2.Quality education links in with our learning this week because on Tuesday we wrote a report about Malala Yousafzai.

    3.We could watch Christmas movies and have stuff to eat and Christmas music.

  6. 1. Finding out stuff about Malala Yousuf
    2. Quality Education
    3. We could watch a film instead of the Christmas dance or we could make something Christmas related.

  7. 1.learning about how sound travels.
    2.zero hunger , I have eaten all of my lunch this week.
    3.sit next to whoever you want.

  8. 1. I enjoyed being Laura’s dietitian
    2. The global goals were climate action and quality education
    3. We could have a zoom Christmas party with the other class

  9. 1. Joining the sumdog competition and my Malala report
    2. Number 13 Climate Action where we spoke about greenhouse gases
    3. I think we should decorate the class and watch some Christmas movies.

  10. 1. Making my Malala report at home and then it to Mrs Brown and then her liking it.
    2 Number 13 climate action so we can save the planet along with the competition we will enter.
    3. To watch a movie and get dressed up for Christmas and have a Christmas tree in our classroom.

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