P7B First Week Back Review

It has been a busy, different and tiring first week back at Kingsland but it has been so lovely to see you all again. Answer the three questions and post your answers in the comments.

  1. What have you enjoyed about your first week back?
  2. What has been a challenging part of your first week back?
  3. What could we do to make next week better than this week?

8 thoughts on “P7B First Week Back Review”

  1. I think seeing all my friends was the best part of my first week back

    Probably waking up was the biggest challenge of the whole week

    Listen to Mrs brown and be kind

  2. 1. I have enjoyed using our iPads to do work.
    2. A challenging part about the first week back was writing our script for our p7 door display.
    3. If it is a warm day then do as much work as we can outside.

  3. I have enjoyed playing the maths games and exploring the iPad.

    It’s been a bit challenging because some people’s iPads aren’t working probably yet and I found writing the script a bit challenging.

    Try and get all the iPads set Up and finish the work that we haven’t finished.

  4. 1. Getting to use our iPads for work
    2. Doing the script for our p7 door display
    3.I would like to work outside because it’ll be warm, fun, and everyone wants to

  5. 1. I have enjoyed seeing my friends. 2. A challenging part of my week was getting up on Tuesday. 3. Next week would be better if we had PE.

  6. I mostly enjoyed seeing all my friends and meeting my new teacher

    Probably getting up really early because in lockdown i woke up quite late

    Try to be a bit more quieter so people can concentrate and having fun

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