The Great Scottish Parliament Visit

Today we had a visit from Iain Clark who works for the Scottish Parliament. We had a great morning learning about how the parliament works. Here are some of the things we were learning about…


Alfie- The difference between government and the parliament.

Lewis- The different parliaments and assemblies that formed in 1999.

Tom- The different Scottish parties.

Murray- This year the Welsh Assembly will become a parliament.

Angus- What an individual candidate was.

Zak- When there is a draw between voting on laws the Presiding Officer must say no to the passing of the law.

Robert- About devolution and how in 1999 the powers were split across the UK.

Lauren- The assembly has to ask the UK parliament if they want to put a rule in place.

Jack- Since there are so many people in London they have their own assembly but their focus is on finance, policing and transport.

Elise- A 1/3 of Scottish budget goes on to health services.

Connor- 8 MSPs can help us in the Borders to tackle issues that matter to us.

William- The most important person in parliament is called the presiding officer. He is called Ken MacIntosh.

Jess- The Scottish Parliament have a budget of 42 billion.


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