Careers Week: Creative Director

Chris works in a Creative Agency, Whitespace in Edinburgh.  He told us that his agency works with adverts, logos, videos, games and websites.   Lots of different skills are needed eg designing, art, writing, writing scripts, films, editing, animation, CGI and websites.  Teams of people within the agency work with clients producing what is required.

Every day is different.

Chris showed us how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be used in his work.

We looked at a brilliant advert for Shackleton’s Whisky which was filmed in Finland (Hoth, Star Wars).  Chris explained the 25 second advert and how the ‘hero shot’ was created.

Chris took us through the process of the creation of the front page for  Edinburgh Fringe, Step Into the Unknown.  Starting with a Mood Board, the changes, then working on quality and motion and then CGI.

We looked at the hidden meanings in Logos and this was great fun trying to find the message.  Chris told us about the importance and impact of colours and typography.

Chris has challenged us to create a Personal Brand with a Logo using colour and font to represent ourselves.  We will post these on completion.

Alfie C, William M, Lewis, Alfie J, Aimee, Tara, Oliver R, Oliver J, Daniel, Charlie, George, Benjamin, Thomas, Callum and Frazer really would like to do this job when they are older.

Charlie thought that the games were fun and it was interesting trying to find the special meaning hidden within the logos.

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