Careers Week: Armed Forces

Mr Johnstone came into class to tell us all about his time in the Armed Forces.  He has had lots of interesting, varied, demanding and quite frightening jobs in the Army.  He told us that you begin with Basic Training of 14 weeks which is very intense and then begin your Trade Training which was for Mr Johnstone an Ammunition Technician which involved working with explosives and defusing bombs,    He has worked in many different places such as Belfast, Bosnia, Cyprus and Iraq.  Mr Johnstone also trained using parachutes and did bomb disposal work on oil rigs and ships.   He did tell us that there are lots of sports you can play representing the army.  He let us see special events reported in newspapers and of course his superb medal collection.  We also found out that there are some hard times too in the army as you are away from your family for long periods of time and that some friends do not return home.

Benjamin thought that it was interesting the stories behind the medals.  Frazer could not believe that a lady found in a charity shop a hand grenade and needed to call the bomb disposal squad.   Lewis found it funny that an officer blew up a building with explosives by mistake.   Mrs Scott was amazed at the weapon knowledge of the children in Primary 5.

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