Exciting questions to think about for our new learning about Magnets

We looked at the experiences and outcomes for our new topic. From these we thought our topic could be called Magnets, Magnet Science or Magnetic Technology. Wow! That sounds like fun.

What we think we know:

(maybe we’ll change this as we learn)

Adam & Callum: Magnets stick to metal.

Rachael: Magnets can stick to metal.

Paddy: Magnets only stick to metal.

Dawa: If you put a magnet on top of another magnet it will move.

Benny: Magnets come in all shapes and sizes.

Emily: magnets have metal at the bottom to help it stick to metal.

Andrew: They stick together.

Aimee: Magnets don’t stick to beds.

Kayla: If you turn a magnet around they will not stick.

Our questions:

Cody – How do magnets make things stick?

Rachael – How do magnets work?

Sam – How do magnets stick together?

Ruaridh – Do magnets stick to copper?

Callum – What is the force?

Aimee & Joseph – How do magnets get made?

Lucien – Can magnets stick to anything else than metal?

Rana – Why does metal work?

We want to find out:

Lucien: Can you stick magnets to wood?

Callum: How they stick.

Tara: How you make magnets.

Rachael: How do magnets work?

Andrew: How magnets are used.

Experiments we’d like to do:

Benny & Tara: Play with magnets.

Joshua: Get blocks of metal and build a tower. Get some magnets and see what happens.

Emily: Make our own magnets.

Jay: Compare the differences of 2 different magnets by their magnetic force by putting one on top of a table and another on the bottom. Then do it with the other pair of magnets.

Paddy & Callum: see what they stick to.

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