Smoked Salmon treats to taste

P4/3 and Mrs. Thomson would like to say a huge thank you to Ms. Murray for providing delicious scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for us all to taste. The eggs were free range and bought locally.

To be added to this post: How to make delicious scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. This recipe needs an adult to do the actual cooking as the oil needs to be extremely hot.

P4/3 prepared a smoked salmon treat for themselves by spreading cream cheese on a Scottish oatcake and adding pieces of smoked salmon.

Many children discovered that they liked the taste of smoked salmon. I was delighted with the attitudes of those P4/3 pupils  who were willing to taste foods they wouldn’t normally eat.

What did you think of these treats? Will you be asking your adults to buy smoked salmon?

Using our times tables

P4 have been building up and learning the 6 times table. We have used it to do expanded notation sums e.g. 65 x 6 = 5 x 6 and 60 x 6 then adding these answers together. We need to practise 70 x6, 80 x 6 etc

Can you explain the easy way to find the answer?

P3 have build up and learned the 5 x table. We are learning to solve problems using this table e.g. There are 5 x-boxes. Each one has 6 games. How many games are there?

We are all learning to link times tables and division. So 5 x 4 =20

4 x 5 = 20    20 divided by 5 = 4 and 20 divided by 4 = 5

What number do you always start a division sum with?


Where do our foods come from?

We have started to think about where our foods come from. Do some of them travel a long way? We choose some foods to draw and we had to think about where these came from. We wrote Scotland if we thought they came from here, or we wrote the place we thought that they came from.

We plan to display these in our classroom in alphabetical order so that we can use them during our topic. Maybe as we learn about farms and how and where foods grow we might have to change what we thought at the start.

We have started to bring in food labels and  have found that some of our foods have travelled a very long way? Bananas from Ivory Coast and Dominican Republic.

Where has your food come from? Which local foods do your family buy?

We made delicious shortbread

On Tuesday we went to Jedderfield to make some Scottish shortbread. We used plain flour, butter and caster sugar. It took a long time of kneading the dough to get it all to come together, but we persevered and we did it!

It was too hot to taste it before we went home but Dawa had made everyone a piece of very tasty shortbread so we had that instead. THANK YOU Dawa.

On Tuesday we tasted our delicious shortbread and we wrote the recipe. Some of us are going to make it at home. If you follow our recipe remember we only gave it about 15 minutes in  the oven.

Learn Your Scottish Poem

Last Monday P3 were given The Sair Finger, Twa-Legged Mice and Captain Puggle Scots poems to choose one to learn. On Tuesday P4 were given An extract of George’s Mingin’ Medicine, The Auld Troot and Ye Cannae Shove Yir Grannie aff a Bus Scots poems to choose one to learn.

Use the Scottish Poetry Library website to read Captain Puggle

Challenge – learn all 3 poems.

We have been learning them in  school.

Keep practising at home. We need to tell Mrs Wilson our class winner and runner up for the Burns Competition next Monday 23rd January. The winner will say their poem at our Scottish Afternoon on 26th January.

The Auld Troot Sandy Thomas Ross

The auld broon troot lay unner a stane,

Unner a stane lay he,

An he thocht o’ the wund,

An he thocht o’ the rain,

An the troot that he uist tae be.


A’m a gey auld troot, said he tae hissel,

A gey auld troot, said he,

An there’s mony a queer-like

Tale A cuid tell

O’ the things that hae happened tae me.


They wee-hafflin trooties are aa verra smert,

They’re aa verra smert, said he,

They ken aa the rules

O’ the gemm aff by hairt,

An they’re no aften catched, A’ll agree.


They’re thinkin A’m auld an they’re thinkin A’m duin,

They’re thinkin A’m duin, said he,

They’re thinkin A’m no

Worth the flirt o’ a fin

Or the blink o’ a bonnie black ee.


But A’m safe an A’m snug in ma bonnie wee neuk,

A’m safe an A’m snug, said he,

A’m the big fush that

Nae fusher can heuk,

An A’ll aye be that – till A dee!


O Ye Cannae Shove Yir Grannie Aff a Bus

by Margaret Tollick

O ye cannae shove yir grannie aff a bus.

How no, but?

Ah mean,

Great if she’s a douce wee body,



A poke o sookie sweeties in her pocket.


Lauchs like a lintie at yir jokes,

Maks clootie dumplin fir yir birthday,

Aye supports yir team.


Some grannie

Fir somebody,



No me



Ma grannie’s a

Girnin, greetin,





Aye clypin tae yir faither,

Aye gripin tae yir mither,

Aye wishin she wis deid.


Shove her aff?

Ah widna even let her oan.


An Extract o’ Geordie’s Mingin Medicine

by Roald Dahl, Translaitit by Matthew Fitt


Weel, weel! Thocht Geordie, aw O a sudden. “Fings-bings! Richtitie-pichtitie! I ken exactly whit I’ll dae. I’m gonna mak her a new medicine, a magic medicine, naw a mingin medicine is what we’re gonna hae!”


Sae gie me a golach and a lowpin flee,

Gie me twa mauks and speeders three,

And a slivverie skoosher fae the sea,

And a poisonous jag fae out a bumbee,

And the juice fae the fruit o the pokey-hat tree,

And the poodered bane o a wombat’s knee.


And a hunner ither things and aw,

Things wi a hummin honkin blaw.

I’ll steer them up, I’ll bile them lang,

A mixter roch, a maxter strang.

And then, bang-wallop, doon it gaes,

A guid big spoonfu (mind yer taes)

Jist gowp it doon, and hae nae fear.

“Hoo’s that for ye, Grannie dear?”


Will she lauch or will she greet?

Will she tak aff doon the street?

Will she explode in a fuff o reek?

Or blaw herself intae nixt week?

Wha kens? No me. Let’s hing on and see.

(I’m gled it isnae you or me.)

Och Grannie ye’ve no got a clue

Whit I’m gonnae mak for you!

Request for items for our class restaurant and food wrappers

We have started to learn about  Scottish foods and farms and we would like if anyone could bring in plastic spoons or used plastic bottles (e.g. sauce bottles) that we could use to play as waiters and chefs and customers in our restaurant.

Benny has already kindly brought in some farm toys for Small World play but some more would be fantastic.

We want to find out where our food is travelling from so we need to bring in CLEAN food wrappers too please.

by Rachael and Benny