P1 Yearly Overview

The table below shows you the broad areas of study your child’s year group  will cover this session. The home learning activities we suggest on the ‘Home Learning’ page  will  fit with these areas, as well as providing more general practice of core skills. We hope this will help you when  you are learning together at home.



Block 1

Aug  –  Sept

Block 2

Oct  –  Dec

Block 3

January  –  March

Block 4

April  –  June

Whole School


Book Study Parents’ Evening


Robert Burns/Scotland School Sports




Learning and practising sounds, blending sounds, reading key words and letter formation throughout the year.

Reading: Sharing stories together and meeting Biff, Chip, Kipper and family. Identifying the main characters and show an understanding of how the story progresses. Asking and answering questions about different stories predicting what might happen next.

Putting familiar pictures in the correct order e.g. sequencing Biff and Chip stories.

Using factual books to find information about our topic.
Writing: Expressing ideas through pictures and sharing my story with the teacher. Adding an appropriate setting to my pictures and telling my story. Retelling a familiar story in two parts, e.g. Little Red Riding Hood.

Building on block 3 to draw/write 3 part stories thinking about the Who, Where and What.

Writing signs and labels.

Continuing to build on 3 part story writing skills.

Listening and talking:

Listening and         taking turns to listen and talk in groups.

Talking about experiences and feelings. Listening to and using sounds to make words.

Talking about characters and events that we have invented.

Asking questions to help with my understanding.
Maths Exploring numbers.

Recognising and using numbers to 10. Measure – volume, weight and length.

Days of the week.

Addition to 10 e.g. 3+4.

Working with 2D shapes.

Recognising and using1p, 2p and 5p coins.

Time – o’clock, seasons, months of the year.


Subtraction to 10 e.g. 7-3.

Using simple directions to locate objects e.g. in front of, beside etc.

Recognising and using numbers to 20.

Gathering and displaying information.


Money sums e.g. 2p +3p


Exploring larger numbers.

Health & Well being









Being aware of feelings and how to manage them.


Making independent choices and sharing experiences.

Road Safety

Personal hygiene.


Getting help in unsafe situations e.g. by water.

Safety at the Park.



Finding out about different jobs that people do and how they help us.
Exploring small apparatus. Gymnastics and Social dancing. Racket skills.

Small balls and games.

Creative dance.

Throwing, running and jumping.

Cricket skills.

Topics Traditional tales.

School now and in the past.

Night and Day Scotland

Super Science

Our Local Community
Technology Using the interactive whiteboard.


Using construction toys to make models.

Mouse Skills


Growing and preparing our own food eg potatoes

Recording and presenting information.


Making and tasting traditional Scottish Fayre.

Using the computer- Log on, log off and open programs.


Problem Solving

Using cameras to take pictures of real life experiences


Modelling Skills e.g. box modelling.


Religious & Moral  Education Feelings.


Birth of a Baby.



Exploring Christian Bible Stories.

How people worship.


People who help us.







Mark making with different materials. Painting and colour mixing. Fabric and Collage.

Exploring different materials to create pictures.

3D Modelling and Printing.
Moving to music. Performing to others. Loud and quiet sounds.

Fast and slow sounds.

Recognising sounds that go up and down.
Role play. Acting out imaginary situations. Reciting a Scottish poem.

Responding to stories.

Acting out real/imaginary situations.


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